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We are accelerating to a future without plastic at e@UBC

Without any break from Pitch@Palace, the Coastable team jumped on the Lean Launchpad (LLP) ship at entrepreneurship@UBC. (e@UBC) . The Lean Launchpad Program is UBC’s incubator program that aims to help start-ups develop, validate, and pitch their ideas with the help of mentors and instructors. Coastable is among the ten teams selected from a great selection of ventures that applied and pitched.

The first LLP session kicked off with great energy in the room, as every venture presented not only their business ideas but also their passion and vision to make this world better. The 15+ mentors are where the true magic lies. Each one of them, with their extensive experience in many industries, was excited to help the ventures grow. We are beyond astonished when many of the mentors came to offer advice and connections after our initial presentation.

Ventures at Lean Launchpad (e@UBC)

I love the problem you are trying to solve! The world needs solutions like this so our children can have a better future.” – LLP Mentor

We are very lucky to work with Chang Han, who sat with us during the entire session and guided us through the exercises. Many others offered valuable connections for us to talk to and will keep us busy (maybe a little too busy) for the coming weeks. We are extremely excited about Coastable’s growth at LLP!

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